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Hi! A bit random but I'm a photography student in England, and I chose to study some of your work in terms of natural photography, in particular your 'Exploded Flowers' and 'Floral Swirls' series. Really, all I was wondering was whether you had any tips on creativity, and also some of your floral swirls make painting-like images, do you base these compositions on an existing photograph at all? Thank you! P.S. My blog is for my own photography, if you could check it out, that'd be great!

Thanks for taking time on my art! 

1. For me, creativity doesn’t come in a blinding flash of light in dream full of unicorns! What usually happens is I keep pushing at my own medium and experimenting with a couple variables at a time - playing with a subject, playing with the characteristics of photography like focus, shutter speed and post processing. Until something interesting appears.

2. I do reference some existing paintings (and when I do, I will give due credit for the reference). But eventually I try to make art that is wholly original.

Hey! I just want to say your art is AMAZING! I love it so much! Someday would love to make some work similar to yours!

thanks, and keep making art!

WOW! I love your art, can`t stop reblogging! <3


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